2018-2019 Schedule

Let Vicki know as soon as you know you will not be able to make a game. The earlier you let Vicki know, the better it is to contact possible subs and arrange coverage (and the subs really appreciate it too). Thanks!

Please note: Games times are tentative and subject to change based on schedules of the high school teams and tournaments.

* = final score in shootout

Date Time Home vs. Away Score
10/27/18 9:50 pm Skate & Skills Clinic
11/03/18 League Bye
11/17/18 9:10pm Renegades vs HatTricks 4-1
10:20pm Renegades vs Ice Sharks 3-1
11/24/18 9:10pm Ice Sharks vs Renegades 0-2
9:10pm Ice Sharks vs HatTricks 4-2
12/1/18 8:20pm HatTricks vs Ice Sharks 5-0
9:30pm HatTricks vs Ice Sharks 2-0
12/08/18 9:10pm Renegades vs Hat Tricks 1-0
10:20pm Renegades vs Ice Sharks 2-1*
12/15/18 7:10pm Ice Sharks vs Renegades 3-1
8:20pm Ice Sharks vs HatTricks 2-0
12/22/18 all teams bye week

Happy Holidays

12/29/18 7:10pm HatTricks vs Ice Sharks 1-5
8:20pm HatTricks vs Renegades 1-2
1/5/19 9:10pm Renegades vs HatTricks 2-3
10:20pm Renegades vs Ice Sharks 2-1
01/12/19 9:10pm Ice Sharks vs Renegades 2-4
10:20pm Ice Sharks vs HatTricks 0-4
1/19/19 League  Bye All Teams
01/26/19 7:30pm HatTricks vs Ice Sharks
8:40pm HatTricks vs Renegades
2/2/19 9:10pm Renegades vs HatTricks
10:20p Renegades vs Ice Sharks
2/9/19 9:10pm Ice Sharks vs Renegades
10:20pm Ice Sharks vs HatTricks
2/16/19 League Bye All Teams
02/23/19 8:10pm HatTricks vs Ice Sharks
9:20pm HatTricks vs Renegades
3/2/19 8:00pm Renegades vs HatTricks
9:10pm Renegades vs Ice Sharks
3/9/19 TBA Ice Sharks vs Renegades
TBA Ice Sharks vs HatTricks
3/16/19 Falmouth Annual Ice Show
League Bye
3/23/19 8:00pm Team 2 vs Team 3
3/30/19 8:00pm CCWHL Championship Game
Team 1 vs Winner 3/23 Game
4/05/19* CCWHL 20th Annual
thru Spring Fling Tournament